Importing a Tersus Application Module


Tersus Application Modules are working models providing ready-to-use functionality which can be added into any existing tersus application.

Modules are provided as zip archives which should be imported into the application model repository. Once the module's models have been imported, they become part of the application, and can be used or modified in an identical fashion to any user-defined model in the application.

Module Import Instructions

To import a module into an existing application, do the following:

  1. Download the module archive.
  2. Open the application, into which you want to import the module, in the Tersus Studio.
  3. Select File|Import... to open the import wizard.
  4. Expand the General folder, select Archive File as the import source, and press Next >
  5. In the From archive file: field, specify the full path of the module archive you downloaded in step 1 (you can press the Browse... button next to the field to locate the archive).
  6. In the Into folder: field, specify the Tersus application you want to add the module to (you can press the Browse... button next to the field to view a list of applications currently open in the studio - make sure that you select the root of the application you are adding the module to).
  7. Click Finish to perform the import.

When Import is complete, a new package containing the module will appear in the application's model repository, you may now add the model(s) in the new package to your application.

For specific usage instructions, see the documentation provided with each module.