Importing a Tersus Application


To use or customize a Tersus Application, downloaded from the Tersus Model Exchange or elsewhere, the application must be imported into the Tersus Studio.

Applications are provided as archives which should be imported into the studio. Once the application has been imported, its models appear in the repository explorer, and they can be modified using the model editor. The imported application may also be immediately launched in the studio's application server.

Application Import Instructions

To import an application, do the following:

  1. Download the application archive.
  2. Launch the Tersus Studio.
  3. Select File|Import... to open the import wizard.
  4. Expand the General folder, select Existing Projects into Workspace as the import source, and press Next >
  5. Click the Select archive file: radio button, and in the field next to it, specify the full path of the application archive you downloaded in step 1 (you can press the Browse... button next to the field to locate the archive).
  6. The Projects: list box should display the project name. Make sure the check box next to it is checked.
  7. Click Finish to perform the import.

When Import is complete, the application models will be accessible in the model repository, you may now customize the application and/or launch it in the studio's internal application server.

For application-specific usage instructions, see the documentation provided with each application.

Note - A single archive may contain multiple applications which will be listed in the Projects: list box (see step 6). The wizard will import all checked applications at once. If an application with an identical name already exists in the workspace, that application will not appear in the Projects: list.