Exclude from List - Remove from a list the occurrences of an object (or a list of objects)

This action removes from a list of objects all the occurrences of a specific object (or all occurrences of any of the objects in another list).

For composite structures, "deep comparison" is used to determine object equality, and for numbers some tolerance is allowed, so two different objects may be considered equal (for details refer to Equal).


<List> (repetitive trigger [required]): The initial list (from which items are excluded).

<Exclude> (repetitive or non-repetitive trigger [not required]): The excluded item(s):


<Remaining> (repetitive exit [required]): A list of the items in the input list that have not been excluded (can contain no item if all input items have been excluded).

Usage Examples

"Common/Templates/Collections/Exclude from List/Test1/Exclude from List - 4 Basic Tests":