Get Numbered Item - Get a specific item from a list of objects

This action returns one object from its input list (identified by its place in the list).

To get the first or last item in the list, use First and Last repectively.


<List> (repetitive trigger [required]): A list of objects.

<Index> (non-repetitive numeric trigger [required]): The index of the required item in the list (1 for the first).


<Item> (non-repetitive exit [required]): The selected object from <List>.

<Invalid Index> (non-repetitive exit [not required]): The value of <Index>, if it is smaller than 1 or larger than the size of the list.

If <Invalid Index> is missing, and the index is invalid, an exception is thrown.

Usage Examples

"Common/Templates/Modules/Auto-complete/Shared/Select Option":