Sort - Sort objects

This action compares all its input objects and returns a list with all of them sorted (by default, in ascending order).

For composite structures, "lexicographic ordering" is made (sorting first according to the first element, then according to the second element, etc.).


The action's template has a default trigger List, but the action can be used with any number of triggers (including none). The action collects and sorts all objects received through any of the triggers:

<Order By> (non-repetitive exit [not required]): The names of the elements by which sorting is made (a comma separated list of element names). When <Order By> is provided, it is possible to sort objects of type Anything, and also to sort objects with different types (as long as they contain the elements listed in <Order By>, and these elements have matching data types).

If sorting in descending order is required, the element name should be followed by "DESC" (e.g. "Age DESC" specifies sorting in descending order of age, while "Age ASC", or simply "Age", specifies sorting in ascending order of age.

If <Order By> is not provided, sorting considers all elements, and all are sorted in ascending order.


<Sorted Items> (repetitive exit [required]): A list with all the inputs sorted in ascending order.

Usage Example

"Common/Templates/Modules/Authorization/Roles/Update/Get All Permissions (Sorted)":