Call Procedure - Call a stored procedure

This action invokes a database stored procedure (for either querying the database or updating the database).


<Procedure> (non-repetitive trigger [required]): The name of the procedure to invoke.

To provide the input parameters to the procedure, use any number of additional triggers (or none, if the procedure requires no parameters):

The name and type of each trigger should match the name and type of one of the procedure's input parameters. For example, in the screenshot below, @name and @comment are both textual parameters.

<Input Parameters> (non-repetitive trigger [not required]): A data structure with the procedure's input parameters (an alternative to using an individual trigger for each parameter).

<Data Source> (non-repetitive trigger [not required]): Name of data source to use (if different from the default data source; see Connecting to an External Database).

<Auto Commit> (non-repetitive Boolean trigger [not required]): Indication whether to interact with the database in auto-commit mode.

If <Auto Commit> exists and a Yes value is received, the database action is performed in auto-commit mode, regardless of any active transaction (see Database Transaction Support in Tersus).


You can add any number of exits, one for each of the procedure's outputs:

The exit should be repetitive if multiple output records are expected.

The type of the exit should match the type of one of the procedure's outputs (typically a non-repetitive atomic data type for a returned value, or a repetitive data structure for a result set).

If the exit corresponds to an output parameter of the procedure, its name should match the name of that parameter.

If the exit corresponds to a result set returned by the procedure, there is no restriction on its name (see for example the Result Set exit in the screenshot below).

<None> (non-repetitive empty exit [not required]): Indication that no result has been returned (neither a returned value nor a result set).

<Output Columns> (repetitive exit [not required]): The name and type of the columns included in the returned results.

Each returned value is a Column Descriptor structure with the name and type of one of the returned fields (relevant when the procedure has a single result set and the exit is of type Map).

Usage Example

"Common/Templates/Database/Call Procedure/Test Insert by Stored Procedure/Test Insert by Stored Procedure - SQL Server":