Get Catalogs - Retrieve the database catalogs

This action retrieves and returns the names of the database catalogs.


<Data Source> (non-repetitive trigger [not required]): Name of data source to use (if different from the default data source; see Connecting to an External Database).

<Auto Commit> (non-repetitive Boolean trigger [not required]): Indication whether to interact with the database in auto-commit mode.
If <Auto Commit> exists and a Yes value is received, the database action is performed in auto-commit mode, regardless of any active transaction (see Database Transaction Support in Tersus).


<Catalogs> (repetitive exit [required]): The names of the catalogs in the database (if working with HSQLDB, the default database embedded in the Tersus Studio, you'll get a single catalog "PUBLIC").

Usage Example

"SQL Examples/View/Tabbed Pane/Database Details/Get Database Details/Get Database Details" from the SQL Examples project: