Equal - Check whether multiple points in time are equal

This action compares several points in time to check whether they are all equal.

Note that you may also provide a date as any of the inputs. A date is considered different from any point in time within that date (need to better handle the issue of time zones here).

For comparison of non-times, use Miscellaneous/Equal.


The action's template has two triggers (Time 1 and Time 2), but the action can be used with any number of triggers. The action compares any of the times received through any of the triggers:

Exits [none required]

The two exits represent two mutually exclusive possibilities:

<Yes> (non-repetitive time exit [not required]): One of the input times, in case all input times are equal.

<No> (non-repetitive empty exit [not required]): Charged in case at least two times are different.

Usage Examples

... (need to complete)