Get Week - Get the year and the week number of a date

This action gets a date and returns the year (e.g. 2005) and the week number in the year (1-52 or 1-53) to which it belongs.

Weeks are numbered according to the ISO-8601 definitions (as presented by Tondering): First day of the week is Monday, and a week belongs to the year in which most of its days lie. E.g. since 2004 started on Wednesday, the 1st week of 2004 was 29-Dec-2003 through 4-Jan-2004 (3 days in 2003, 4 days in 2004). This means 29-Dec-2003 belongs to week 1 of 2004.

Trigger [required]

The action's template has one non-repetitive trigger: <Date>.

Note that you may also provide as input a "Date and Time" value.

Exits [none required]

<Week Number> (non-repetitive numeric exit [not required]): The week in the year of <Date> (1 through 52 or 1 through 53, depending on the year).

<Year> (non-repetitive numeric exit [not required]): The year of this week (e.g. 2004).

Notice: Due to the fact that a week may contain days from two different years, <Year> is actually "the year to which the week belongs" rather than "the year to which the day belongs", so <Year> might be different from the year returned by Split Date.

Usage Examples

Test1 (need to complete)