Get View Parameters - Get data passed in the URL

This action returns URL parameters (data passed to the view in its URL).

URL parameters are provided as name-value pairs separated by ampersands (see Query String and Fragment Identifier). For example, to provide View1 in a Tersus application TerApp with the parameters Name and Number, we will use a URL like http://localhost:8080/TerApp/#View=View1&Name=John&Number=5.


The action's exits should fit (in names and data types) to the parameters provided in the URL.

Yet, you don't have to retrieve all parameters that appear in the URL. You can also retrieve the value of some parameters, and later use Get View Parameters once more to retrieve some other parameters (possibly retrieving the same parameter more than once).

Usage Example

(the example is explained at

Legacy Navigation

In the legacy navigation, URL parameters are useful when switching to a view from another view via Switch View.

When switching from another view in the applications, the exits should match the triggers of the Switch View action used to switch to the current view.

For example, if Switch View is used in view View1 to switch to another views View2, and the Switch View action has a numeric trigger Id, then View2 should use Get View Parameters with a numeric exit Id to get the number provided by View1 as the value of the Id trigger.

You don't have to retrieve all data items sent by the "calling" view - the action may have less exits than the number of triggers of Switch View. You can also retrieve the value of some data items, and later use Get View Parameters once more to retrieve some other data items (possibly retrieving the same data item more than once).

Notice that if you switch views several times, then only the data provided by the last invocation of Switch View is available.