Branch by Type - Branch according to the type of the input that is received

This action checks its input and exits through the exit with the corresponding type.


<Input> (non-repetitive trigger [required]): An input object according to which branching is done.

Exits [none required]

The action may have any number of non-repetitive exits, each having one of the types to which the type of <Input> is compared. The exits should all have different data types (i.e. no two exists may have the same type).

Right click the action and select "Add Element" to easily add an exit with one of the built-in data types (Text, Number, etc.).

Note that while for the sake of clarify it makes sense to name each exit by its type (e.g. name Text the exit with type Text), this is not required. Exit names (except for <Other>) are ignored, and only their types matter.

<Other> (non-repetitive exit [not required]): A default exit used when the type of <Input> does not match the type of any other exit.

Usage Example

"Common/Templates/Modules/Database Viewer/Go/Service/Get Cell":