Load Excel Table - Load a simple table from an Excel sheet

This action retrieves data from multiple rows in a sheet in an Excel file (all non-empty rows following the table's title row) and returns multiple data structures, each containing the content of one of the retrieved rows.


The action's template has three triggers:

<File> (non-repetitive trigger [required]): The content of an Excel file (e.g. the output of Read Binary File).

<Sheet Name> (non-repetitive trigger [not required]): The name of the sheet in the file from which data is retrieved (if missing, the first sheet in the file is used by default).

<Skip Unmatching Rows> (non-repetitive Boolean trigger [not required]): If true, erroneous data rows are ignored (as if they were empty). The default (if the trigger is missing) is not to tolerate erroneous rows.


<Rows> (repetitive or non-repetitive exit [required]): The retrieved records (each output item is a data structure containing the content of one of the retrieved rows), or just the first record if the exit is non-repetitive.

The data type of <Rows> defines the structure of the loaded table:

Usage Example

"Tutorial 10-11/Purchaser/Manage Suppliers/Import Suppliers Data/Select Suppliers Spreadsheet/Import/Extract Spreadsheet Rows" (in stage 10 of the tutorial):

Known Bugs

This plug-in is using the POI-HSSF package (part of the Apache Jakarta project) for accessing .XLS (Excel 2003 and earlier) files. .XLSX (Excel 2007 and later) files are not supported. You may also encounter problems working with .XLS files not created by Microsoft's Excel (e.g. reading the file might take a very long time).