Parse JSON - Parse a JSON (Javascript Object Notation) representation into a composite data structure

This action parses a JSON representation of a composite data structure (a text string) and creates a composite data structure with the content represented by it.

The input string can be the output of a previous call to Create JSON, or a JSON representation created by another application.


<JSON Text> (non-repetitive text trigger [required]): The input JSON representation (a text string).

<Ignore Unknown Elements> (non-repetitive Boolean trigger [not required]): If "Yes", an indication to ignore unknown fields in <JSON Text> (fields for which there are no corresponding elements in <Value>). Otherwise, parsing fails when an unknown field is encountered (and an error message in thrown).

The <Ignore Unknown Elements> trigger is supported on the server side only. On the client side, unknown fields are always ignored.


<Value> (non-repetitive exit [required]): The composite data structure represented by <JSON Text>.

Usage Example

"Get Top Trends" in the Twitter on iPhone/Android tutorial: