Parse XML - Parse an XML document

This action parses an XML document (a binary stream of data) and creates a data structure with the content represented by it.

The input can be the output of a previous call to Serialize XML converted to binary, the content of a file ready by Read Binary File or Read Resource, or an XML document returned by some web service.


<XML Document> (non-repetitive binary trigger [required]): The XML document to parse (a binary stream of data).


<Parsed Tree> (non-repetitive exit [required]): The data structure represented by <XML Document>. Namespaces of elements are defined by their respective ‘xml.namespace’ property values (created when importing XML Schema definitions (.xsd files) or WSDL definitions (.wsdl files) through the Import WSDL wizard, as explained in the Web Services Documentation).

Usually, parsing is guided by the structure of <Parsed Tree>. If <XML Document> contains XML elements for which there are no corresponding elements in <Parsed Tree>), parsing fails (and an error message in thrown).

Yet, Parse XML also supports "Generic XML Parsing" (parsing of a well-formed XML document without the need to know their schemas in advance). See Usage Example 3 below.

Usage Example 1

"Get Public Tweets" in the Twitter on iPhone/Android tutorial:

Usage Example 2

"Forex/Get Rates/Get Rates" from the Forex project:

Usage Example 3 - Generic XML Parsing

"Generic XML Parsing/Long Now News/Get RSS Feed/Get RSS Feed" from the Generic XML Parser application (see RSS Demo):