Serialize XML - Serialize a data structure as an XML document

This action serializes a data structure as an XML document (a text string).

The resulting string can be saved and parsed at a alter stage by Parse XML to create a copy of the original data structure.


<Data Structure> (non-repetitive trigger [required]): The data structure to serialized. Namespaces of elements are defined by their respective ‘xml.namespace’ property values (created when importing XML Schema definitions (.xsd files) or WSDL definitions (.wsdl files) through the Import WSDL wizard, as explained in the Web Services Documentation).

<Namespace> (non-repetitive text trigger [not required]): The global namespace for the created XML document.

<Aliases> (non-repetitive text trigger [not required]): In the future, this will be a list of namespace aliases to be used throughout the XML Document. Currently the content of <Aliases> is ignored, and it only implies using artificial aliases (i.e. if <Aliases> exists, aliases are used for all namespaces, but their values are "ns1", "ns2" etc.).


<XML Document> (non-repetitive text exit [required]): The created XML representation of <Data Structure>.

Usage Example

"Examples/Web Services/Web Services - PayPal/Test XML Parsing/Parse/Parse Text" in the "Examples" project: