Get All Permissions - Get all permissions defined in the current solution

This action scans the whole model hierarchy to find all the permissions defined within the current solution.

A typical usage of this action would be to provide a security officer with the list of all permissions that can be asigned to users (or to certain role players). Then, if the model is updated and a new permission is defined, it is automatically presented to the security officer, and only users assigned with the new permission are allowed to perform actions that require this permission.

Notice that this action does not depend on whether any user in the system has any specific permission (or if users are defined in the system at all). In other words, it has nothing to do with the dynamic nature of assigning permissions to users, but only with the relatively static "permission space" that is defined in the model. For a discussion of assigning roles to users and granting permissions to roles, see Check Permissions

Exit [required]

<Permissions> (repetitive text exit [required]): All permissions defined within the model of the current solution.

For a permission to be defined, at least one of the following should hold:

Usage Examples

Test1 (need to complete)