Replace - Replace all occurrences of a string in a text by another string

This action substitutes all occurrences of a given text string within an input text by another given text string, returning the updated text.

For substituting the occurrences of multiple different strings, use Create from Template.

Triggers [all required]

<Text> (non-repetitive text trigger [required]): The input text.

<Replace> (non-repetitive text trigger [required]): The text string whose occurrences within <Text> are to be replaced.

<By> (non-repetitive text trigger [required]): The text string that replaces each occurrence of <Replace>. If <By> is changed to be non-mandatory, a missing value is interpreted as an empty text, so that we end up with a 'Remove' action.

Exit [required]

<Updated Text> (non-repetitive text exit [required]): The updated text (after substituting each occurrence of the value of <Replace> by the value of <By>).