Find Elements - Traverse a hierarchy of objects to find elements that match given criteria

This action searches the components of an object for all components that match specific criteria.

The action can be used to find all (or specific) Tree Items in a Tree, all (or specific) Rows in a Table, or just components with specific type and/or content in any composite data structure.

The search criteria are defined in an identical fashion to that of Find, based on the trigger names (for content) and the exit data type (for type).


The action's template has three triggers (<Scope>, Filer 1, and Filter 2), but apart from <Scope>, which is always required, the action can be used with any number of additional triggers (including none).

<Scope> (non-repetitive trigger [required]): A data structure which contains the components to be retrieved (any depth of hierarchy is allowed).

Additional triggers (non-repetitive [not-required]) are used to specify content criteria. Each trigger's name is matched against the name of data elements of the components of <Scope>. Only components for which the values of the elements match these of the corresponding triggers are returned (if a component does not contain a specific data element, then the corresponding trigger is ignored for this component).

<Options> (repetitive trigger [not-required]): Search control options when comparing text elements:


<Elements> (repetitive exit [required]): The retrieved objects (the content of each of them matches the values specified by the triggers defining the content criteria). The data type of the exit defines the type criterion of the search - only objects that match this type are returned.

Usage Example 1

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Usage Example 2