Match - Check whether a text string matches a given pattern, and extract substrings based on a pattern

This action gets a text pattern (a regular expression) and a text string, and checks whether the text string matches the given pattern. Optionally, it can extract the matching text and any identifed sub-matches within it

If you only want to check whether a text string is empty, use Is Empty.


The action's template has three triggers:

<Pattern> (non-repetitive text trigger [required]): A text pattern in the format of a regular expression (for example, "\d{1,8}" specifies a string of 1 to 8 digits). If executed in a server-side process, specify a regular expression which is compatible with the Java Class java.util.regex.Pattern; if executed in a client-side process, specify a javascript-compatible regular expression (which supports a subset of the java implementation).

<Text> (non-repetitive text trigger [not required]): A text string that is tested for match against <Pattern>.

<Allow Partial Match> (non-repetitive boolean trigger [not required]): Indicates whether a partial match (i.e some of the text matches the pattern) should be allowed. The defualt is no..


The following three exits represent three mutually exclusive possibilities:

<Yes> (non-repetitive text exit [not required]): The input text (the value of <Text>) if <Text> matches the specified pattern.

<No> (non-repetitive text exit [not required]): The input text (the value of <Text>) iif <Text> does not match the specified pattern

<Missing> (non-repetitive empty exit [not required]): Activated if no input is received through <Text> (this is possible only if <Text> is non-mandatory).

The following non-required exit makes it possible to retrieve the matched text and portions of it, as specified in the pattern:

<Matches> (repetitive text exit [not required]): The first element is the portion of the text that matches the whole pattern.
Subsequent elements are the portions of the text that match identified groups in the pattern (marked using parentheses).