Simple Table - A two-dimensional display container

This display element is used to display data in a tabular format (a matrix with multiple rows and multiple columns, where all rows have the same structure).

Note the distinction between this element and Table. Simple Table is used when each row in the table contains all fields of some data structure, while Table requires that you explicitly define each display sub-element in its rows (but then you are more flexible and can populate fields with data from any source).

Internal Modeling

Add a repetitive data structure to model the table's rows (the column titles will be the names of the elements in this data structure, and each column in the display will contain the corresponding elements from the rows).

For example, if the repetitive data structure contains two text leaves named Site and Description, then the displayed table will have two columns whose titles are Site and Description respectively.

Access the rows and their sub-elements (to set their initial values or to retrieve the data that has been entered by the user) through a reference to the parent Simple Table element or to a higher level display element containing it.

Specifically, you can get the row selected by the user by using the Get Selected Row action.

As with any display element, you may also add an action sub-model named <On Click> to model what should be done if the user selects any component of the displayed data, but this is usually not needed.