Text Area - A text display and input element

This display element is used to display some text on the screen and/or get a text entered by the user.

Note the distinction between this element and Text Input Field. Text Input Field should be used for relatively short text strings (e.g. a person's name), while Text Area is a better fit for longer texts (e.g. some free text description of the person).


<Value> (non-repetitive text element): The displayed/entered text. Access it (to set its initial value or to retrieve the text that has been entered by the user) through a reference to the parent Text Area element or to a higher level display element containing it.

Internal Modeling

You may add an action sub-model named <On Change> to model what should be done when the user enters a new text. If you don't, nothing is done until another user action causes some action to be performed (e.g. pressing a Button).