Create from Template - Create a text according to a template

This action creates a text according to a given template by substituting all occurrences of multiple place-holder texts embedded in the template by specific text strings. Any occurrence of a place-holder text is replaced by a corresponding value provided to the action.

For example, if the template is "${Date} belongs to week ${Week Number}", and the action has input triggers 'Date' and 'Week Number', then assuming 'Date' is October 31st 2005 and 'Week Number' is 44, the output text will be "31/10/2005 belongs to week 44".

For simply replacing the occurrences of a single string, you can use Replace (and then there is no need for the replaced string to be of the form "${Name}").


The action's template has a single trigger <Template>, but any meaningful usage of the action requires additional triggers.

<Template> (non-repetitive text trigger [required]): The template, containing place-holders of the form "${Name}", which are substituted by the values of the corresponding triggers (e.g. all occurrences of "${Week Number}" are replaced by the value of the trigger 'Week Number').
If any of the additional triggers is non-mandatory, and no value is passed to that trigger, the corresponding place-holder in the template will be replaced by an empty string.

Exit [required]

<Text> (non-repetitive text exit [required]): The created text (Contains the value of <Template> after replacing each occurrence of a place-holder by the value of the corresponding trigger).

Usage Example

"Examples/Documents/Table/Generate OpenDocument/Create Item" from in "Examples" project: