Concatenate - Concatenate several inputs

This action gets several inputs and generates a single text string which is the concatenation of all of them (optionally with some separator between each two inputs).

In a sense, this action is the opposite of Split.

Triggers [none required]

Any number of triggers are possible (although usually it doesn't make sense to use the action with less than two triggers).

Typically the triggers are text triggers (inputs being strings of text), but other types are also possible (e.g. numbers or dates). In this case, the textual representation of each input is used.

The names of the triggers define the order of concatenation - the triggers are sorted in lexicographic order before concatenating their values (e.g. if the action is used with triggers Date Part 1 and Date Part 2, and at runtime the values received through the triggers are 31 and 12 respectively, then the output will be "3112". If the names of the triggers are switched, the output will be "1231".

<Separator> (non-repetitive text trigger [not required]): A separator to be inserted between each two input texts (e.g. in the above example, if this trigger exists and its value is "/", then the output will be "31/12". In the second example, the output will be "12/31").

Exit [required]

<Concatenation> (non-repetitive text exit [required]): The output text - the concatenation of all inputs.

Usage Examples

Test1/Test Non-Text Concatenation (need to complete)