Split - Break a text string into a sequence of sub-strings

This action gets a text string and breaks it into multiple segments (using any of several characters as the separator between the segments).

In a sense, this action is the opposite of Concatenate.

Triggers [both required]

<Text> (non-repetitive text trigger [required]): The input text.

<Separators> (non-repetitive text trigger [required]): A string of characters, each serving as a separator between the segments of the input text (e.g. if <Text> is "Documents/Split.html" and <Separators> is "/.", then the output will contain 3 segments: "Documents", "Split" and "html"; if, on the other hand, <Separators> is "/", then the output will contain only 2 segments: "Documents" and "Split.html").

<Return Empty Strings> (non-repetitive boolean trigger [not required]): In case of two adjacent delimiters Will return the empty string ("").

Exit [required]

<Segments> (repetitive text exit [required]): The output texts (the segments of <Text>).