Database Update - Perform an SQL statement that updates database table(s)

This action performs an SQL statement that updates a database table or several tables (to be used if Insert, Update and Delete are not sufficient).


<SQL Statement> (non-repetitive text trigger [required]): The SQL statement to be performed (e.g. an UPDATE or DELETE statement).

In it simplest form, <SQL Statement> simply contains an SQL statement to be performed (e.g. DELETE FROM Backup_Log).

To enable more flexible statements, additional triggers can be used (e.g. the default triggers Value 1 and Value 2). For example, you may add a trigger Date and Time, and change <SQL Statement> to DELETE FROM Backup_Log WHERE Timestamp<=${Date and Time}. In this case, the action will delete all database records whose Timestamp field contains a value earlier than the value received through the Date and Time trigger at runtime.

If you don't need any additional trigger, delete the default triggers Value 1 and Value 2.

<Data Source> (non-repetitive trigger [not required]): Name of data source to use (if different from the default data source; see Connecting to an External Database).

<Auto Commit> (non-repetitive Boolean trigger [not required]): Indication whether to interact with the database in auto-commit mode.

If <Auto Commit> exists and a Yes value is received, the database action is performed in auto-commit mode, regardless of any active transaction (see Database Transaction Support in Tersus).


<Number of Records Affected> (non-repetitive numeric exit [not required]): The number of records in the database affected by the SQL statement.