View - A screen (a top-level display element)

This display element belongs to the top level of the application's display hierarchy (and contains other display elements like Row, Table etc.).

The views defined in the application may be grouped into several Perspectives (each perspective is modeled by a System model, and at runtime is designated by a tab at the left side of the screen).

You can define any number of views within each perspective (and at runtime, when selecting this perspective, each of these views is designated by a tab at the top of the screen,.

Internal Modeling

To define the contents of the View, add one or more display elements. Typical modeling makes use of container elements such as Row, Grid, Table, and Pane, although any display element, except View itself, can be used.

It is very common to add an action sub-model that initializes elements in the view. Such an action would have no triggers (and thus be performed automatically when the view is activated) and would contain a reference to the view through which default values of fields are set.